Galvanized Spiral Duct


 Galvanized Spiral Duct

Spiral pipes combine the economies of light gauge metal with a spiral lock seam construction that assures maximum strength and rigidity. As a result of its superior structural strength, the duct work requires fewer joints and hangers. Four plies of metal form a continuous interlocked reinforcing rib on the outside which permits construction of long lengths of pipe in various diameters from strip stock of specified gauge. Developed to be used for high velocity and high pressure air conditioning systems, spiral pipes have been found adequate for all types of high or medium pressure, above and below ground distribution systems, such as ventilation, duct removal, grain handling, carbon monoxide exhaust and dual wall pipe for sound and thermal insulation.

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These are only a few of its diversified applications. Spiral pipes of different materials such as vinyl- coated, brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be constructed on special orders.

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