Aluminium Coated With PVC

Aluminium Coated With PVC

009- Aluminum Flexible Air Duct Coated with Black PVC

Technical Specifications Aluminum foil coated with multi-ply polyester, encapsulating a steel wire helix, forming an air-tight insulated flexible duct. This is then coated in black tinted polyester.

Size 15_20_25_30_35 (cm)

Standard Length 10m

Operating Temp. Range -20/+150 *C


Highly flexible;

Long life expectancy and very high resistance to wear and tear;

High tolerance to moisture.

Use POLY FLEX is used as a supply, return and exhaust duct in low to medium pressure heating, air conditioning and exhaust systems.

POLY FLEX can be used in air distribution, heating and cooling systems, connecting ducts, mixing boxes, diffusers, room inlets or other terminal devices where an insulated flexible air connector is required. Has been used extensively in residential and businesses complexes, hotels, hospitals and laboratories.


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Aluminium Coated With PVC, Combi flexible air duct, Combi flexible duct, aluminum flexible ducting combiflex

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