About Products

 Pishgam Sepehr Barsad 

Pishgam Sepehr Barsad Company, leading the industry in producing  variety of pipes and Flexible air duct, powder and particles transmission ducts, industrial and domestic chimneys, galvanized spiral channels, industrial centrifugal fans and industrial air filters with high diversity and  all their products are designed and supervised by skilled and experienced professional experts.

The company provides the following services 
- Design, manufacture and installation of air transmission systems.
- Performing a variety of channel construction and industrial projects. 
- Running the Flexi channel professionally.
- Manufacturing centrifuges and industrial fans.
- Installation of Industrial Filters.

The company aims to provide the best products conform to the worlds knowledge, good service at the least possible time and using the finest raw materials. This company has always been committed to quality and the customer satisfaction is top of our performance.
1.    Flexible Air Duct,Powder and Particles Duct
2.    Galvanized Spiral Channels and accessories
3.    Centrifugal fans and industrial and domestic fans 
4.    Industrial air Filters

other names

Flexible Air Duct, galvanized spiral duct, elastomeric insulation, pvc hose, pvc steel wire, pvc helix hose