004- PVC Steel Wire

004- PVC Steel Wire

004- PVC Steel Wire

Technical Specification PVC Hose with internally laid spiral steel wire to improve strength and toughness and allow small bending radii.

Size ½_3/4_1_1 ¼_1 ½_2 (inch)

Standard Length 25m

Operating Temp. Range -5/+65 *C

Features Tolerance of high intensity, strong pulling force, and easily installed and transported.

No smells, no poison, light and transparent.

It has good adaptability to bad weather conditions and minus pressure.

Use This kind of hose was used for conveying milk beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam etc. Also widely used for conveying water, oil, and powder in Industry and Agriculture.

Other names or this production

pvc steel spring hose, pvc steel spring hose, pvc spring hose, spring hose, hose pipe