003- PVC Helix Hose

003- PVC Helix Hose

003- PVC Helix Hose

Technical Specification A highly flexible pressed PVC wire, spiraled either externally or internally in respect of a PVC duct.This production is transparent and good cold and hot resistance,has small bending radius and great ability of minus prussure.

Size 1_1 ¼_1 ½_2_2 ½_3_4_5_6_8 (inch)

Standard Length 10m

Operating Temp. Range -20/+80 *C

Features Extremely tearing-resistant with rigid reinforced PVC helix;

Very smooth interior and exterior;

Flexible with lightweight;

Extremely transparent;

High tensile strength and tear resistant;

Could be resistant to chemicals if requested;

Could be resistant to UV if requested;
use it for transport, suction and discharge of water, material, oil, salt water, diluted acids and wood dust in factories, agriculture,construction, irrigation, mining and septic systems.
other names of this production
pvc helix hose, pvc suction hose, pvc flexible hose, pvc hose, pvc helix suction hose, pvc spiral flexible hose